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We go wherever we have to go to find the fish...and we find them!

No Time Limits... Just Fish Limits.
Ask around. Check us out. We don't take people on boatrides.

The Castafari has placed in the top 3 positions in almost all of the major sportfishing events here in the Northeast, with 15 winnings, 2 state records, including a first place finish in the 2012 Nantucket BGB.     Check Out Our Videos That Prove It!
Top Ten Catches!

The Castafari is a 45 foot custom Jim Smith express in mint of the nicer fishing platforms on the East Coast.

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Crew with 2007 Block Island Award check.

The Castafari has placed in the top 3 positions in almost all of the major sportfishing events up here in the northeast, with 14 winnings, 3 state records, and more to come!

New 2015 Tournament Trips

2015 Pricing

Inshore Fishing Trips


Inshore trips involve fishing primarily for striped bass around the beautiful back beaches and rips of the Elizabethan Islands and Martha's Vineyard. If you want constant action, with solid shots at trophy fish, these trips are it. We only fish inshore in June until the offshore waters heat up. These inshore trips are a great way to entertain work related clients and friends. Everyone catches fish. Ask any veteran bass assassin client on the Castafari, and they'll tell you that fish over 40 inches are not an uncommon sight. We chase big fish and big fish only, and we do it using live and cut bait. Every June we put a couple of 40 pound class fish on the deck. This might provoke your interest, and all I can say is come fishing with us, and you'll see for yourself. The boat is open to all fishing methods. Bring your own set up and well arm it with the right stuff. Bait fishing with lighter tackle is our specialty. St. Croix rods and Alutecnos reels spooled with 25 pound Sufix line are used. If you like hands on bait fishing, come fishing with us. You won't be disappointed! Live bait is always available.

Big fish catches are guaranteed! 6 person maximum.
(8 to 10 hour trips)

34 Hour Canyon Trips

for Blue and White Marlin, Durado, Bigeye,
Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish, and Wahoo

Canyon trips involve the most incredible fishing experience that we offer, and we have the boat to do it in. We fish roughly 70 to 100 miles South of Nantucket Island in 70 to 80 degree blue water where it looks, feels, and even smells like the tropics. Here it is not uncommon to tangle with a wide variety of tuna species, not to mention, blue and white marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, sharks, and even swordfish! We troll by day, and chunk by night. The fishing is hard, and the opportunity endless. This faraway fishery is practically untouched, and rivals bluewater fishing anywhere around the world. Blue and white marlin are regular visitors to our transom as well as a variety of other bluewater game fish. There's nothing quite like squaring off with a Massachusetts marlin! The crew of the Castafari has successfully boated and released 2 blue marlin over 800 pounds. This trip is a true adventure and highly recommended. Two day trips involve two straight entire days or one weekend of fishing (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) accommodating up to four persons comfortably. The Castafari has a proven track record for putting folks on fish consistently out there. Don't be fooled by other captains and crews that don't have the experience nor the boat to handle this kind of fishing. The Castafari has been making trips regularly to the canyons since 1997, and is overly equipped with safety gear and amenities. We're usually throwing fish back over the side! One more thing, if you fish with us, don't forget the wasabi!

4 person maximum

Offshore Bluefin Tuna Trips

$2150 one day trips
$4250 two day trips (includes lodging on boat)

Like the familiar slogan states...tuna fishing.."there is no substitute". Our offshore tuna trips involve fishing for the biggest tuna in the world, ranging 50 to well over a thousand pounds. The boat is fully rigged with 5 top of the line offshore tackle. Be weary of boats who don't use top of the line gear. Our specialty on the Castafari is stand-up fishing. After all..this is sportfishing!! We use Alutecnos 80 2 speed reels spooled with 130lb Sufix line. Our reels are matched with Biscayne and Reel Easy rods(Calstar Blanks). My mates re-spool regularly, ensuring zero terminal tackle failure. We offer a wide variety of the finest stand up harnesses, plates, and gimbles made..including Braid, Smitty, OTR, Play Action, and Alutecnos. For those of you who would like to focus your efforts on giants, we also have 5 custom Saco Bay Tackle rods and 130 Penn International reels. We ALWAYS have live bait available.. EARLY morning departures are mandatory! We employ trolling, drifting, and kite fishing. The Castafari has a proven track record of hook-ups with giants, and catches on stand up gear while other vessels are fighting fish from the rod holder. In 2012 we brought 2 fish over 300 pounds to the boat on stand-up gear. The most important thing to remember, we go where we need to go to follow the fish. The Castafari is always on the move, changing ports constantly. We have access to Stellwagon Bank, Georges Bank, East Of Chatham, South Of Nantucket, Cape Cod Bay, and the Northeast Canyons. If we catch fish, they will be sold and the charter will receive 1/3 of the proceeds.

5 person maximum. (12 to 16 hour trips)

2014 Tournament Charters

The Castafari won money in every event she fished in 2007 and first place wins in 2009 and 2012.

Prices include the boat, tackle, and all other related amenities.
Prices do not include gratuities for mate nor lodging.

Tournament News

Star Island Shark Tournament
June 13-15 - $10,000 - AVAILABLE!
  • 2 days Fishing for several species of sharks
  • IGFA event, banquet, calcutta, big money prizes
  • Event is held in Montauk, NY at Star Island Marina
Hyannis Tuna Fest (several boats available)
June 20-22 $6500.00 - AVAILABLE!
  • Event, Awards Banquet, Registration Party, Big Money Calcuttas
  • Takes Place in Hyannis Massachusetts
  • Two Day Offshore Fishing For Bluefin Tuna
Big Game Monster Shark Tournament
July 18-20 $10,000 (Biggest shark 2005 & 2010) - BOOKED
  • Offshore shark competition with 2 days of fishing
  • Banquet, prizes, calcutta, welcoming party
  • Event is held on Martha's Vineyard in Oak Bluffs
Block Island Tri-State
August 4-7 (Castafari placed 3rd 2000) $10,000 - BOOKED
  • Bluewater all species event
  • 2 days/one night fishing, Rolex IGFA event, banquet, one lay day, big money prizes
  • First Leg of New England Championship Series
  • By far the best event in the northeast
Bluefin Blow-Out Tournament
August 22 - 24 $6,500 - AVAILABLE!
  • Bluefin tuna species event
  • 2 days fishing, IGFA event, banquet, big money prizes
  • Event is held in Gloucester Massachusetts
  • WICKED TUNA TV Show Will Be Fishing
Nantucket Big Game Battle (Castafari, 1st place 2012, 3rd in 2011)
August 9-12 - $7,500 - BOOKED
  • Bluewater all species event with 2 days of fishing from Nantucket, MA
  • Banquet, prizes, calcutta, Rolex IGFA event